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Wooden Storage Shed for Sale
Amish Wood Garage
Custom Built Shed
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Amish Built Storage Sheds, Barns, Garages, & More Outdoor Buildings from Blain Structures

When You Need a New Wood Storage Shed, You Can Trust Our Expert Craftsmen

As PA's premier shed company, Blain Structures has been providing the Greater Harrisburg Pennsylvania area with quality storage building solutions since 1992. Simply choose what suits you best from our vast selection of wood sheds, garages, and barns. From construction to delivery, we'll make sure you're taken care of every step of the way


Our shed builders offer both custom and pre-built sheds for sale. From small custom storage sheds to 2-bay prefabricated garages, we have it all. We even offer both shingle roofs and colorful metal roofing options. With so many beautiful outdoor buildings for sale, we're sure to have a shed for sale or other storage solution that's right for you and your needs!

Is an Outdoor Storage Shed a Good Investment for You?

Extra Storage Space

Is the storage space in your home dwindling? We know that additional space is always in demand; as you and your family grow, so does your collection of personal belongings. No one wants their home or garage overflowing with their things, and extra shelving can only go so far. Are you in need of a place to store your gardening tools, bikes, cars, equipment, work tools, firewood, lawnmowers, seasonal or holiday items, etcetera? A new custom or prefabricated shed space would be perfect for you!

Provides a Workshop or Hobby Space

Perhaps your workshop has been crammed up in the corner of your basement where the inspiration just doesn't seem to strike you anymore. Maybe your favorite hobby is fixing up old cars and you need a shed with a garage to give you the space you need. Regardless of how you're looking to spend your time, a brand new wood shed would be perfect for your backyard!

More Functional Space

Broadening your horizons by looking outside your home for a functional and creative solution with one of our quality outdoor storage sheds can be the answer you have been looking for. Let our shed dealers set you up with the perfect back yard structure for you and your needs!

Built to Last

Amish built storage sheds are renowned for being hand-crafted with high-quality wood, metal, shingles, and other materials. This commitment to craftsmanship and top-notch construction is what makes Amish sheds so well-renowned for long-lasting durability. Buying an Amish built storage shed will give you the confidence that it will be there for the long haul!


Our shed builders provide you with exceptional quality storage building solutions that are affordable and durable. Choose from our 1 story storage or 2 story structures that have been customized and built specifically for you by our Amish craftsmen.

Wood Shed Texture

5 Creative Uses for Your Wood Storage Shed

  1. Art or Craft Studio - Feeling artsy? Why not have a space to get away to feel creative! Always wanted a She Shed? Have your own place to get away and create something beautiful. Being a world away can be as close as your own backyard!

  2. Musician Studio - Making too much racket in the house? Need a place to record? Did your kid just join the band? A wood storage shed is a great place to move the noise outside of the house and in a place of its own!

  3. Playhouse or Fort for the Kids - Do your kids love playing house? An outdoor storage shed can make a great playhouse for them and can even be used for a campout.

  4. Home Office - Need a better place to concentrate away from the hustle and bustle of your home? A home office is a great way to get away from the noise and get down to work. Opt for a custom wooden shed to build the home office of your dreams!

  5. Workout Room or Gym - Is that dark basement gym uninspiring? A new storage shed is a great way to create your own workout space and get fit!

Top 4 Storage Shed Organization Tips

Shed Storage
  • Use Hooks! One of the most inexpensive but effective ways to free up floor space in your storage building is to purchase large hooks for the walls. You can use hooks to hang extension cables, garden tools like rakes and shovels, rope, bungees, bikes, and more! Get some smaller hooks for items such as buckets as well as smaller tools like hammers, saws, clamps, brushes, and more.

  • Install a Magnetic Bar or Peg Board. Also, consider a magnetic bar or a peg board to keep your tools and smaller metal items in order and more easily accessible compared to placing items in a storage bin. 

  • Add a Work Bench. You can also invest a little more into your storage space by purchasing or even constructing a workbench. If you enjoy doing projects in your outdoor shed or yard, setting up a nice workbench will go a long way and will give you plenty of space to put your tools and plans. Both small and large sheds alike make a fantastic place to work and store materials!

  • Build Some Shelves. Also, remember - you can never have too many shelves! Shelving along the walls will get your things off the floor and up in an easier to access and organize space. Use labeled bins to help you locate your items when you are working.

2 Story Amish Built Storage Garage

We Aim to Be Not Only ONE of the Best Storage Shed Companies Near Harrisburg, PA, But THE Best!


Whether you want a large storage shed, a mini barn, or just about any other backyard structure, our local shed manufacturers can help! Our team of craftsmen work hard to create beautiful, colorful, made-to-last sheds for sale. Call our shed dealers today to receive an affordable, fair quote on prefabricated, pre-built structures and made-to-order, custom structure construction!

"This is one of the most honest men that I have ever met. I have bought two sheds from him and I love them both. They are reasonably priced and incredibly well-built. Rest in the knowledge that you will get your money's worth and that you won't be sorry that you took the scenic trip to Loysville."

- Carole Lee, Dillsburg, PA

Amish Storage Shed for Sale


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